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By Chriso Ellina

Yoga is a unique and very effective way of training, with fans of top athletes from all sports. Players from the magical NBA world, such as LeBron James, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin, choose Yoga as an essential part of their training, either for a workout program, for balance training or decompression and relaxation.

Shiatsu, Japanese traditional art heals, rejuvenates and relaxes the athletes by applying special pressures, especially of the thumb and palm to a special layer on the ground. Its purpose is to balance the body's energy, thereby ensuring well-being and vitality. Shiatsu can work both preventively and complementarily in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, as well as psychological and emotional disorders.

"My business is my body, I thought that yoga would be a great way to make my body feel better, so I've integrated into my workouts. "
Kevin Love
All Star Basketball Player

By Konstantinos Lolis

Our goal is to restore functional injuries and prevent them as much as possible. This is achieved with a standard evaluation and treatment system including physiotherapy and functional training, manual therapy (mulligan), reflexology, electroacupuncture, massage, guasha, cupping therapy and taping

Emmanuel (Manos) Brilakis 
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Manos Brilakis holds a PhD from the Medical School of the University of Athens and works as an Assistant Director of the 3rd General Orthopedic Clinic of HYGEIA Hospital. He is specialized in arthroscopic surgery and sports injury management and maintains private practice in Paleo Faliro and Marousi. He has been involved in basketball since his childhood and has served his favorite sport in the role of athlete, referee, team physician and manager.

ATHLETES PERFORMANCE started its operation with the aim of providing scientific support to the training process of athletes and athletes of all levels for the Optimization - Maximization of athletic performance.

It is based on the triptych Measurement, Evaluation, Guidance, in order to create a complete picture of the situation of the athlete the specific time moment. Special emphasis is given to scientific support with specific measurements based on the specific requirements of each sport.

So, based on these personalized data, the program is being designed and the goals we set at the training-performance level are being monitored.

Mr. Emmanouil Tsagarakis is a sports psychologist and has been working as a development manager for athletes at the Panathinaikos Basketball Academy since 2015, while since 2013 he has been monitoring individual cases of adolescent champions in various sports.

At the same time, he participates in psychotherapy teams in collaboration with a private psychotherapy office and in support groups in mental health centers as well as in special education centers for children with autism.

He is a graduate of the American College of Psychology (Deree College) with a minor in biology and has completed a master's degree in sports psychology from Brunel University in London.

Eirini Lykouresi
MSc Athletic Nutrition

Proper nutrition enhances athletic performance. It promotes better eating habits, better recovery during and between workouts and competitions, and reduces the chance of injury and illness. Athletic nutritional support is important to avoid rapid fatigue and dehydration. With the right choice of foods and fluids, the right amount of intake and at the right time improves the athlete's concentration and ensures high levels of health, endurance and performance.

With over 45 years of experience, Hall of Brands ranks nationwide in the three largest chains of sports and casual clothing, footwear and equipment stores, with physical and online stores covering the most demanding customer.

All brands, exclusivities, limited editions, but also specialized products for all kinds of sports with all the latest trends and technologies are here.

Constantly and successfully addressing the challenges of the new era and always looking to the future, Hall of Brands launches its new 1,400m2 store in Glyfada.

Keeping up with the new trends, Hall of Brands is growing, adding to its network in 2016 the SaintSoles stores with Premium Sneakers & Outfits of all branded Fashion Brands.

The latest innovation of the company is Hall Of Brands XPrience, which emerged through the need of the Hall of Brands family to further raise their level of active involvement in sports by hosting FIBA 3x3 Basketball Tournaments and transferring it virtually. basketball in the neighborhoods where he was born.


  • We inform athletes and parents about the conditions in the US academically but also in the sport that interests them
  • We evaluate athletes, both athletically and academically, and ensure the best program choices.
  • We help athletes through the process of preparing for the required tests, applications and issuance of required documents
  • We promote the athletic profile of athletes by preparing the appropriate video we send to the Universities of our interest
  • We guide athletes to make the best possible decision by helping them negotiate the terms of the scholarship, overseeing the registration process, and staying with them throughout their term at the University.

SPORTCAMP is the largest private sports training center in Greece.

It was founded in 1978 by Tasos and Sofia Karavouli and started operating as the first sports camp in Greece.

The Sports Center, SPORTCAMP was established a few years later in 1994, at the same site by the Karavouli Family with the aim of providing integrated services for the organization and implementation of sports preparations and sports events for athletes, clubs and federations from Greece and abroad.

In its current form SPORTCAMP has full sports training facilities of official specifications, modern living, dining and leisure facilities and is selected annually by dozens of National teams, clubs and federations from Greece and abroad to make sporting preparations.

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